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Troy Mcclure

Portland, OR
reply to TAZ

Re: Century Link terminating service

said by TAZ :

I agree about the rural areas as well; when you've got a DSLAM served by a few T1s, it's easy to see how a single customer can cause congestion problems for everyone else, and in those rural areas it's also easy to see why they wouldn't want the expense of running fiber, upgrading the DSLAM, etc.

On our rural DSLAMs served by T1s, it would be almost impossible to a heavy user of any kind.

I think I could upload and download 24 hours a day 30 days a month and not get anywhere close to the 150 GB monthly limit.

Our speeds are so slow, its impossible.

Remember a customer is a paying customer, no single user causes congestion, this is caused by the CL company, a customer uses the network, or at least tries to.

Winterset, IA

I'm tired of CenturyLink I have also went over there 250gb several times but not received a letter we have been with them for 20+ years. I have 12/896k speeds. We are moving soon and would love to drop them and get 105mb speed from Mediacom!


Davenport, IA

Well just download a bunch of stuff they'll shut you down with no 1st or 2nd warning.



from my experience, I rebooted my modem (was having router issues) and I was greeted by a lovely webpage redirect when my modem booted.. basically just told me usage for the past 3 months and telling me to upgrade to business class yada yada.. so likely the warning was there you just never saw it because your modem never rebooted or retrained possibly? this could be just former qwest areas though..


Davenport, IA

I didn't see any warning. By putting a redirect page (if that's what they do) is not a reliable way of notifying a customer.