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Hilo, HI

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Re: Applying Microsoft monthly patches hosed computer - please help

I had this happen last month on Windows 8. Never had this happen from 1999 until last month. I always install only 4 at a time and I download them from Microsoft Download site to disk and then install in small batches and use the computer for awhile before installing the next batch. I do that so if there is a bad one I can more quickly figure which of 4 is bad than I can if I installed 15 all at once.

My computer rebooted, and started configuring, and when it got to 22% configured it hung for about one-half hour. It scared me so when it finally did finish I immediately googled and found that 22% finished was a common place for Windows updates installation to hang. I found a good general article about what to do if Windows freezes during updating. I printed it out and put it in a safe place, but I didn't look at the printout until just now. I am glad I did because the right edge is cut off (several words on each line)! I am glad I discovered this now instead of if I ever need it later. (I'm going to copy/paste it to Open Office where I know it will print correctly).


Windows doesn't make a restore point before installing Microsoft patches. At least Windows does not. So, you have to remember to make one before installing the patches.
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Thank you for the link.

Windows 7 makes Restore Points before installing Microsoft patches here.