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[HN9000] Utterly misleading advertising and customer service agent!

BUYER BEWARE!!!! I just had the worst ever experience with HUGHESNET satellite internet service. After nearly 4 years of being a loyal and patient customer with their Power Plan Plus, I decided it was time to try the new 'next generation' satellite, which promises "Faster Speeds. Greater Download Capacity" (according to the HughesNet website). I was connected to a foreign customer service agent, who gave us plenty of wrong information (such as that we would be needing to purchase a new dish and modem, which was not true; that a local installation contractor would contact us to install the new equipment, which did not happen as no new installation was required) and failed to tell us some important facts. First, once you change from any pre-existing plan to the new Gen4 service, YOU CANNOT GO BACK, EVER. Second, the claimed faster speed is either an outright lie or not noticeable -- we were switched to the new service for 2 days and did not realize it until we discovered that we could no longer access our 'download meter' to monitor our internet bandwidth usage. In fact, a direct comparison of our hourly downloads from before and after switching shows absolutely NO difference. Third, our download capacity actually decreased -- by a LOT! Under the old plan we had 425MB a day, or an average of 13 GB a month, of 'anytime' usage, plus UNLIMITED usage between 12-5am (EST). So if we had huge DropBox files to transfer, we could this at night, no problem. The 'Greater Download Capacity' of Gen4 is only 10GB a month of anytime usage, plus a strictly limited 10GB during the 'bonus' hours of 2-8am. So we have dropped from effectively unlimited internet (if we were willing to use it at night) to a strict cap of 20GB per month. These limits are not in place because we are not willing to pay -- this is the MAXIMUM available to us, period. We run a small business from our home and this change has now put us in a serious bind! Whereas our previous service was marginal, the new one is simply unacceptable. If I could figure out how to sue HughesNet, I would do so, for false and deceptive advertising, as well as bait-and-switch tactics. I tried to resolve the matter by calling customer service to request reverting to our previous service plan, but was told that it was not possible to switch back, even though no equipment needed to be changed; this message was repeated through the agent's supervisor and his supervisor. I will soon be switching providers, that's for sure!

West Mich.

Reading thru your "wall of text" posting it looks like both you and the "salesperson" you had simply didn't under stand the confusing array of platforms and plans offered by Hughes.

All sales calls are recorded. period.
If you register and post on the Hughes Community website:

Post a case number for the Mods to identify you, your sales recording can be reviewed.
If it comes to pass that you were mislead by the sales person Hughes will resolve your issue.

As to plans:
A true Gen4 system does require a new Modem, Transmitter/receiver unit and a repoint to Echostar17.

It rather sounds that you got sold a bill of goods and received instead a "Plan" upgrade to the Gen4 "Wannabee" Connect Pro.
It uses the same Modem and transmitter and still is pointed at the regular 9000 system satellite Spaceway3 @ 95' W.
That offer "up to" speeds of 5 Mbps vs. "up to" 10 or 15 Mbps on the true Gen4's

What you have is a "plan change". IT CAN be changed back if your were mislead in the sales call.

Join the "Hughes Community", post your issue (use paragraphs) along with a case number from one of your CS calls.
The Mods should be able to cut some red tape.

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