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Fredericksburg, VA

Having Bridge issues after 16 Nov 2013 in the Fredericksburg Va area

It has been so long that I have done this that I have forgotten what I did but I received the information from this forum. I get my ethernet from ONT directly to the ActionTec but I have TV services (DVR,VOD and Widgets). Sometime on the 16th, I lost all IPs from my Actiontec and started seeing , which on a 1.1 gateway is not see-able and my STB had no guide. I thought my secondary NetGear N600 crapped out so I took it out and started seeing the IP's coming back. I couldn't hook the NEtGear back up as it would cause my IP's to go back to I originally had the ActionTEC provide the IP's and use the NetGear as a switch and a Wireless AP. I later found out that we had a outage in our area, and I think my ONT was reset, because I think my internet is now coming thru the COAX not the CAT6 UTP. Well I have really mucked up my old setting and not sure where to start to fix the issue but here is how my network was laid out...

ONT -> CAT6 -> Wan port ActionTec, Port 1 ActionTec to Port 1 N600 router

ONT -> COAX to both ActionTec, and STB (HD Motorola )

ActionTec -> Port 1 to NetGear port 1, Port 2 to Daughter's desktop, port 3 to son's desktop. ActionTec was Rev C, 100base

N600 Router, no DHCP, Static IP, Wireless On 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz.

N600 -> port 2 to my PC, port 3 to NAS, port 4 to Net printer, 1GBase

This worked flawlesly for 4 years until last Saturday. I have bought new a ActionTec Rev I and a NetGear N900 to replace any bad internet gear but I desperately need help as daughter is needing the network printer for college. Again I think they are feeding me internet via COAX but not sure how to determine other than removing the cable from the router...



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West Chester, PA
First this to do is determine whether you're provisioned via cat5 or coax. In the left panel, it should show "broadband connection" (which is cat5) or "broadband connection coax".

Assuming you have internet connectivity, how you're connected shouldn't make any difference unless you're on a speed tier over 100Mbps.

Second, it sounds like the N600 is issuing DHCP addresses on the 192.168.0.x subnet. Two things to do here:
1) Make sure DHCP server is off on the N600.
2) Make sure the N600's LAN address is still
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Warwick, RI
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Fredericksburg, VA
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Thanks, to all, I was able to get my network back up, Verizon had my internet coming from the COAX. They changed it back and after a ONT reset, success. I then followed the Verizon Forum FAQ. I went with the earlier posted FAQ on how to use a your own router; I am doing the Option 3 so I am not double Nat'd. Again thanks to all for your help...