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Been with sprint for the last 4 to 5 years they sucked so bad I couldnt take it anymore.

Tried tmobile and theyre are great in NYC and 5 boroughts of NYC. Travel outside of the city and there is no 4g service only 2g.

Now Im with at&t my service is pretty good pricing is close to my sprints pricing with my corporate discount.
In NY, my serivce is very good. Traveling thru NJ, PA, DE and MD i was not dissapointed. Vacationing in Hawaii and my service is great all over Hawaii. I couldnt be more happy I finally made the right choice.


Newton, NJ

How long ago did you try? I cancelled T-Mobile due to billing issues (and they sent my account to collections, refused to listen to me...I'll never pay them. They can take it up the ass) but at the time i cancelled, they had HSPDA throughout most of the burbs. Even as far away as I am from NYC I was getting decent speeds. This was a year ago.
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