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Re: Sprint is always promising they're fixing the issues.

Partly true. However, Verizon's LTE is a mess in some markets. AT&T's LTE, OTOH, is usually pretty good. Verizon didn't add sites, and now it's coming to bite them in the @$$.


Newton, NJ
Really does depend on the area. My rural area? 5 bars of LTE. Generator backed cell towers (had full LTE even during Sandy). Very fast (15-30 megs a second down, 5-15 megs/sec up.) AT&T? 3g speeds to this day around 3 megs a second, and 2-3 bars in most places. Also, all my AT&T using iPhone coworkers were borrowing my android phone when sandy killed the power to AT&T's towers. I'm not a verizon fanboy, i think they are committing highway robbery, but if the big V is the devil, the big T is the devil's father.

Sprint? They have the potential to be so great, but will always end up falling flat. Unlike most people, i don't want unlimited data, i want fast internet access at an affordable price. Freedompop 'somewhat' delivers on that, though they seem to be running a scam operation these days. Republic Wireless takes full advantage of sprint's shortcomings by providing wifi calling, but i wonder just how long sprint will tolerate that.
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Yeah, some markets are still better on Verizon, and Verizon does have the most backup gear, including battery and diesel. It often goes by who is the incumbent telco, like AT&T is better in CT, although AT&T took Verizon's lunch money in Boston, which was a traditional Verizon stronghold until AT&T used it as an early LTE launch market, and built off of their better tower density. Sprint is very MVNO-friendly, but nothing can make up for their bad network.