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Caveat Emptor
United State
·TracFone Wireless


I was with Sprint LD when Ma Bell couldn't stand 1 byte of competition. I had several cell phones with Sprint and had excellent service for 20-years. I've had better service nationally with *pure* Sprint than I ever did with AT&T, VZ, T-Mobile or US Cellular.

And I spent $1000 on the exact appliances recommended in Consumer Reports because it was what I was looking for. It was reconditioned junk that I paid to repair so I could use it. Needless to say I don't believe a word they print.

I looked at every phone Consumer Cellular offers, before I finally bought a TracFone. They're over-priced for low-end phones that do not work well with deaf-blind, brain injury, MS, and those with other limiting physical problems. Yes, we do read forums. Thank you, Justin. I learned a lot about cell phones and carrier quality as a drove through America on her byways and two-lane highways.

AARP cares more about selling a membership than they care for the seniors they "claim to represent." Mother bought an health policy that was 'grandfathered' as they changed carriers and limits. They tried for years to con her into a more expensive policy, with larger deductions, and less options.

I had AARP auto insurance. it was more expensive than my local agent for the same coverage. If you're a senior you can get nearly identical room rates as AARP if you ask.

It is all about bottom line profit just like Wall Street, PETA, and the various *begging* campaigns you see on TV. The person who cares about your welfare is the guy in your mirror.
Mac: No windows, No Gates, Apple inside