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Mentor, OH

Xbox One and Uverse

So, got my new xbox and Uverse is NOT a native app (wasn't for the 360 either). I tried inserting my Uverse installation disk, which was a burned copy that worked fine on the 360, but the one would not read it.
Has anyone installed the Uverse app on the ONE yet? Got any info on it? I totally do not want to get a STB to use Uverse. Who cares if the xbox picks up Uverse if you have to use a set top box anyway?


San Antonio, TX

Xbox One and Xbox 360 are totally different architecures. The 360 uses a PowerPC CPU, the One is using x86 arch. That is why 360 games won't run on the One (unless you have an emulator or vm on the One to run the apps compiled for the IBM PowerPC).


Mentor, OH

I think its not the hardware that matters for apps, but the OS. Point still taken though.


united state

said by BigNTallOne:

I think its not the hardware that matters for apps, but the OS.

The hardware does matter.

Louisville, KY
reply to BigNTallOne

What kind of disk do you have the application burned onto? I believe that the new Xbox is only able to read DVD's and Blu-ray discs, I don't believe you can read a standard CD.


San Jose, CA
reply to BigNTallOne

ATT's uverse TV interface was rumored to be, IIRC, based on (now Ericsson's) IPTV/MediaRoom system. uverse STB was essentially a half-an-Xbox?

In press release for dumping IPTV/MediaRoom, believe Microsoft said something about focusing on other things (announced around April 2013)?

Since Microsoft dumped Mediaroom, it's only a matter of time before Mediaroom related functionality no longer is supported or works on new Xbox platforms (essentially divergent OS for Xbox).

If Xbox-One is already post-MediaRoom, then it has perhaps already made the transition, and effectively is a very different OS.


Union City, GA
reply to BigNTallOne

You only have a matter of time, as of Dec. 31 Uverse will no longer support xbox 360 as a STB anyway. Xbox one cannot be used as a STB. If you want TV then you will have to have a STB


Mentor, OH

I feel like I deserve a refund on my Xbox one. I was definitely motivated to buy it for use as a STB. FORCING us to rent STBs is a CLEAR VIOLATION of the rules set up for cable companies. They were to come up with cards and alternatives and haven't done it. We need a massive class action suit.


Edgewater, FL
·Bright House
·AT&T U-Verse

said by BigNTallOne:

We need a massive class action suit.

Ok... Call a few lawyers and let us know how that goes.


Owasso, OK

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reply to BigNTallOne

AT&T is not a cable company!


Mentor, OH

Same difference. Were they provided exemption from cable laws? I can't wait for my contract to end. I'm so dumping tv service. Screw it.


reply to BigNTallOne

Refund? Just sell your xbox on ebay and make a profit.

Apple... YUM
Cleveland, OH
reply to BigNTallOne

Cable cards for traditional cable companies have been a complete disaster. People report more issues than you can count over in some of the cable company related forums here. If it's not one thing, it's another issue.

Yes, they were supposed to make it work according to some rules and regulations but when have you heard of a company doing something unless they were dragged kicking and screaming into the effort.

Cable cards, there were supposed to be seamless but in reality they are far from it.
Tom's Tech Blog

Xbox 1 user

reply to BigNTallOne

Hey just my 2 cents on this. but i setup my xbox with AT&T Uverse without any problems at all. Im confused as to why you need the Uverse app? The xbox1 comes standard with the TV app that allows for dvr and a multitude of other services. Not trying to be that guy but did you go through the setup lol its literally point and click its even an option from one of the drop down menus pre configurged. Ive been watching TV with uverse and snaping in my NFL fantasy ticker for the past 3 days now lol hope you get this solved. cheers


San Antonio, TX

He wasn't trying to use the Xbox One to pass-thru the Uverse service from ATT's box. He was trying to replace ATT's box with the Xbox One (use the console as the set-top-box).

As a side note: »AT&T U-Verse Drops Xbox 360 Set Top Support December 31


Fremont, OH
reply to BigNTallOne

There is a big difference. AT&T is an IPTV company. They don't use DOCSIS for their system for Internet nor TV. It's Internet based. So they aren't required to use Cable Cards and allow outside boxes.


Columbus, OH
reply to weaseled386

I'll bring the popcorn!


Louisville, KY
reply to BigNTallOne

It was always my understanding that the xbox one would have to be connected to a Cable Company STB to act as en entertainment hub. Silly idea to me. That is what an AVR is for.


reply to Xbox 1 user

what type of STB do you have? My xbox one will not even recognize the STB I have wired to the xbox and it won't let me get past the "looking for your TV picture..." screen..SO ANNOYED

Telesat Guy

reply to BigNTallOne

I wonder with Ericsson buying Mediaroom if that is causing them to stop using it.

Maybe the will just end up making Uverse an OTT app for Playstation/Xbox. Much like how Xfinity/FIOS are.

Good to hear they are giving refunds on the people who did buy it.


reply to BigNTallOne

So you feel you deserve a refund for buying a Microsoft game console that nobody said would be capable of directly replacing a Uverse STB. And you feel this warrants a class-action against whom?

Come December 31st, when your Xbox 360 no longer acts as a Uverse STB, will you then insist that you are entitled to the $99 refund that AT&T will be paying to customers that actually purchased the kit even though you are using a burned copy that you probably downloaded from some forum?


said by BigNTallOne:

I feel like I deserve a refund on my Xbox one. I was definitely motivated to buy it for use as a STB. FORCING us to rent STBs is a CLEAR VIOLATION of the rules set up for cable companies. They were to come up with cards and alternatives and haven't done it. We need a massive class action suit.


Etobicoke, ON
reply to BigNTallOne

LOL. Too many crazies that post in this forum. This is hilarious.



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reply to BigNTallOne

I think people are jumping the gun on this. The reason the x360 was able to be used as a set top box is because the A&D servers we use are Microsoft based as is our iptv system at the vho. Believe me when I say I'm positive there is no malice whatsoever for dropping support to my knowledge. Most likely his is coming from Microsoft themselves as they do drop support for legacy devices quite regularly

There's no technical reason why the xbox one couldn't be used in that way it just needs a program to intercept the multicast packets from the RG to do it. That likely is coming but not immediately. All the xbox one promised was an hdmi passthrough which it does just fine.

In addition there isn't anything that'll change that will prevent you from your current set up from working as is. They're just dropping official support is all

I mean he'll it took apple almost 4 months to add boot camp support for windows 8. This kinda stuff takes time lol


Calera, AL
reply to BigNTallOne

The Xbox One was never marketed as a STB replacement. It was always made clear that the "TV integration" features required you to connect the STB from whatever television provider you have to the Xbox One. If you got hosed on that aspect, it's because you did poor research before spending $500.

The Xbox 360 losing U-Verse support is because Microsoft sold Mediaroom to Ericsson. The 360 integration was developed by Microsoft and all AT&T had to do was "enable" it. Don't expect it to come back, and don't expect it to come to the Xbox One. Now, the only hope would be for AT&T to develop their own app, like FiOS and Time Warner Cable (don't hold your breath).