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Waterbury, CT

Outlook email?

I just returned to U-Verse after two years with Comcast. Why? Frankly, I was ticked off by the latest $25 increase in my monthly bill due to my "promotional period expiring."

So, anyway, we have pretty much been using gmail accounts for all of our important stuff, specifically because I can change internet providers at will without having to worry about handing out new email addresses to everyone. Nevertheless, I would like to setup my new att.net email account in Outlook and am encountering problems.

Let's start with this quote which can be found on many ATT.NET tech support pages (this one, for example »www.att.com/esupport/article.jsp ··· XAaBd1sd ):

If you created a free att.net email address after June 11th, 2011 you will not be able to use an email client to access your email. Retrieve your email at »www.att.net.

Does that apply to me? I don't exactly think of my email address as "free" since I am paying big bucks for a TV+Internet bundle, however, while I can manage to send mail using Outlook, I cannot get it to receive mail with an IMAP connection (didn't even try POP3).

I've tried incoming server inbound.att.net using both ports 993 and 995 (SSL) without success.

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San Jose, CA
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No, that does not apply to you. Your "att.net" email should be treated as a Yahoo! Mail Plus account; but ...
I don't think that "inbound.att.net" is set up for IMAP, just for POP3. You might try, ïmap.mail.yahoo.com:993" with SSL. So far, that works with all of my Yahoo! accounts; even the free, former AT&T "pacbell.net" accounts.
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Waterbury, CT


Columbus, OH
reply to carmine
How can you even enforce something like that.


Atlanta, GA
Received an email from ATT advising me that I needed to update my settings in order for Apple Mail to continue to function as my email client. I've chosen to ignore the Dec 11 deadline. That is, if it is indeed legit. However, ATT rep on twitter inquiry advised that it is and provided link. BUT their follow up email says to ignore if I have, so I'm wondering if they can tell if I've "upgraded" or not!

Streamwood, IL
reply to carmine
Since you are just starting, I suggest that you not use your main email address for anything except for communicating with ATT.

Then use one or more secondary email addresses for all other purposes.

For one secondary (it could be a random-letter email address), I suggest creating "disposable addresses" You can have hundreds that you can create and delete. Don't use that secondary for any other purpose than to receive all of the emails for the "disposable addresses". You can keep those for years. I suggest using those for almost everything. Only delete one if it attracts spam. You can have one for each supplier or club that you deal with. It is not inconvenient in that all emails come to the one actual address, and you can tell which email address was used by looking at the TO field of the email.

Your temporary address root name cannot later be changed to be associated with any other email address. Once you have 50 temporaries going, you would hate to start getting spam to the underlying email address. Thus the suggestion of not using that underlying email address directly for receiving email. Your email program does use that address to log in to the POP3 server.