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MoCA over 200' TV cable


This is a specialized split from »Alternative to Wired Connection Between Two Buildings

Summary: I'd like to use an existing 200' TV cable to also carry Ethernet (Along with existing cable -not satellite- signal). The cable runs underground from the house to the garage.

In the garage, a booster was installed for the TV signal because the TV set is another 100' away.

In the house, the cable is also connected to a modem for Internet and phone service. Both modem and router are in the same room with no TV access. So there must be one (more?) splitter(s) somewhere before reaching the 200' cable leg I want to use.

Is it OK to use the Internet leg to connect the 1st MoCA adapter or will I lose too much signal strength? Do I have to install a splitter to feed the adapter?

Will MoCA have a chance to properly work with such a set-up?

What make (Or specs) would you recommend for MoCA adapters?

I saw a Single Port MoCA 2-Way Amplifier at Amazon. Do these things work? What make (Or specs) would be best if needed?


Da Geek Kid

I'd buy the Moca 1.2 version, more expensive and from the local store so you can test. If it did not work go return it.

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West Chester, PA
There is no MOCA 1.2. There is MOCA 1.0 and MOCA 1.1.

MOCA 2.0 chips are in production, but no consumer equipment has hit the market yet.
There are 10 kinds of people in the world; those who understand binary and those who don't.

Da Geek Kid

ECB3500T... It is 1.1. My mistake.