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Glen Head, NY

Antenna or Bust

I already have an antenna that I use for myself and broadcast basic for one my family members. I am ready to go 100% antenna and forget about cable. If they pull the OTA signals, then so be it. I barely have any interest in what is on TV now and I could easily give it up and stick with reruns of my favorites of the 1970's.

Program's I watch while gritting my teeth:

How I Met Your Mother (skipped last night as it looked to be a waste of time)
Two Broke Girls (a half hour of my life I will never get back)
Big Bang Theory (usually watch it if I am bored)
The Crazy Ones (Probably the only show I enjoy because of Robin Williams)
Two and a Half Men (should have been terminated along with Charlie Sheen)
I support the right to keep and arm bears.


Tuscaloosa, AL
Charlie Sheen should have been terminated? Wow, that's harsh, man.


Glen Head, NY
No he shouldn't have but since they did, they should have ended the show. It is just getting so bad I skip it most weeks now.
I support the right to keep and arm bears.


I really like the new version of the show.

Every program has its likers and haters.