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Paterson, NJ

Prepaid minutes for conference calls?

Called a local conference call number the other day using MJ and was greeted with a message stating that this was a conference call and I should call the MJ prepaid number, or something similar. Is this something recent or was this always the case?


Paterson, NJ

From the TOS;

4. What Is Free and What is Not:
We may require prepaid purchase and/or we may charge you for calls to conference lines, platforms and certain high cost calls, or any call wherein we incur a cost from another carrier.

Guess that answers my question. Must have been the first time I used MJ to make a conference call.


Athens, GA
reply to ameridian

If I understand you correctly, you dialed a local number so you could participate in a conference call. If you live in a less-densely-populated area, be prepared to receive the same message for some other calls you might make, regardless of whether they are conference calls.

There are whole banned exchanges that are problematic for many magicJack users, forcing them to call using "conference call/international minutes" just to call someone next door. It will be interesting to see how this plays out because the number of banned exchanges seems to be growing.
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