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Toronto, On

wall mounting an asus RT-N66U

i purchased an RT-N66U and i'm puzzled on how i am supposed to wall mount this device. are there any wall mounting brackets commercially available for this wireless router?

according to staples:

"Easy Mounting
The ASUS router features a desk-mount design, so you can install it on almost any flat surface. If you prefer to mount the router above your desktop or in your IT area, it is also compatible with a wall-mount bracket."

i've looked long and hard and can't find this compatible wall mount bracket.

also, i looked at the screw slots on the router and can't find any screw, pan head or countersunk, that can go in those slots to mount the device on a wall. the slots are not deep enough on the device so that common screws can slide into them. the screw heads are too tall. you would need a screw head no more than 1.5mm tall and the head would have to be in the shape of a half circle to slide properly into the slot. i even tried roofing nails but the heads are too wide.

South Padre Island, TX
I found this thread that may or may not be of interest...



Toronto, On
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i didn't want to do the above but i did. all i have to do now is drill some holes into it and the wall, put some anchors and screws. still haven't made up my mind on what orientation i want to mount it. antennas up or antennas sideways.

said by SoonerAl:

I found this thread that may or may not be of interest...


i saw that already, decided not to go that route. *edit* looks like i did what the last poster in that thread did. modify the bracket.


reply to teletone
I have mine mounted using a pair of screws in my basement. Im sure you could find some screws to fit in the keyholes.