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Is the turing test broken for line quality test users who are unpingable?

When I try to use the line quality test, I'm asked to prove I'm human by answering "What day comes after [monday/tuesday/wednesday/...]. When I answer incorrectly (or if I forget to use all lower case), then I get a message telling me I failed the test -- obviously and good. But if I answer correctly, I'm instead shown a page that tells me this:

Warning: [my ip address] is not pingable from www.dslreports.com with 1024 byte packets. If you go ahead, the test will merely show traceroute information.

And that's fine because I want to use the "Test anyway (limited use)" button right underneath that message. But when I click that button, I'm taken to another error message about failing the test "Turing tested you were found wanting"

Is there supposed to be a second turing test on the unpingable-warning page? I don't see a place to answer a second question, and this problem still happens when I answer the first test question correctly. Is there a way to manually enter a guess using some "&variable=value" at the end of the url?

..needs sleep
Yes it probably the extra step is breaking the other step. If you register then the question doesn't appear and it'll all work ok.