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[Internet] Get Internet to my House

Hi my names is James and I have a question about getting internet service from Frontier to my house. Currently I have satellite internet (Excede12) at my house and the data caps and ping are really holding the internet potential back so I really want to switch to a wired internet but I have been told that I can't get it at my house from the Frontier corporate people. I currently use Frontier phone but it is not capable of handling DSL. I live on the top of a mountain and I have a neighbor who has Frontier internet service of which I came across when passing by their house and seeing the WiFi show up on my iPhone. I was wondering what I could do to get internet service. Is it possible to buy cable my self and run it down the mountain (about 1300 ft.) and have Frontier connect it. Any other suggestions money is no object as long as I get better internet service.
Anything will help!

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Chances are good that your "wire length" is just too long for DSL and/or that Frontier is oversold in your area. DSL has real phsyical limitations and just because you can provide the wire doesn't mean you can get DSL.

I'm curious to know how you determined that your neighbor had Frontier from the wifi SSID name -- was it actually named Frontier-something?
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I forget the exact name of it but I did include something like Frontier in the SSID. Everyone that lives around my area is very un-tech-savvy so I'm sure they wouldn't know how to change it from their default SSID name


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i would try getting in contact with the local frontier people the cooperate people are just looking at a database entry which could be incorrect



Thanks! I'll try that but still open to any other suggestions that I can get!

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James - As previously suggested I would talk with your local support technicians, they can probably provide you with some distances. But if you currently have telephone service and do not have DSL available I would lay odds that you are too far out from the remote. Just out of curiosity which state and county do you live in?


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reply to JamesWalsh

It's possible that the Frontier SSID you ran across is a Frontier router behind a satellite internet provider's modem. Frontier will provide a wireless access point, at the customer's request, and install it behind a HughesNet/Frontier Broadband modem.

If you have POTS, running more "cable" down the mountain will not help you get DSL. New cable/drop MAY improve the overall line quality but it will do nothing to improve physical limitations of DSL. Your neighbor could also potentially be fed from a different cable, or even a completely different CO, depending on the office/exchange boundaries.

You could track down a tech working in the area and ask him flat-out if DSL is available, but I doubt that it is. If you ordered POTS the sales person would FOR SURE be looking for more upsell options to offer you DSL. If they told you it wasn't available they were probably right. Records can be wrong but I would guess that in this situation the information provided was accurate.

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reply to JamesWalsh

Hello James Walsh,

I am sorry to hear that you may not be able to get our DSL service are your current location. As stated in a couple posts above, anyone would have to be within about 3 miles from the most local central office for us to be able to supply DSL service. We would be glad to offer service to anyone that meets the distance requirement.

Another Post above is also correct about the wireless signal that could be coming from one of our supplied modems that may actually be working with our partnered satellite service. Unfortunately I can’t confirm this for sure at this time.

We are always trying to upgrade areas as well as expand our Frontier Network. Feel free to stay in touch with our Customer Service department with your interest in our service. As long as you have shown interest, I’m sure one of our representatives will be glad to contact you back once service could become available. Without knowing your actual physical location, it is hard to determine what services are actually available.

Thank you for being a Frontier customer.