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Mr Matt

Eustis, FL
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reply to guppy_fish

Re: [Electrical] Is it safe?

said by guppy_fish:

Second MOCA

I would like to use MoCA and have checked out the cable wiring in the apartment. I have a problem. The installer did not home run the RG-6 cables to each outlet. There are eight cable outlets in the apartment. I found that the there is a splitter behind one of the CATV outlets in each guest bedroom feeding the two outlets in the guest bedroom, a splitter in the master bedroom feeding an outlet in the master bedroom and an outlet in the kitchen, and a splitter feeding two outlets in the family room. I cannot find the four port splitter distributing the signal to each room, it may be inaccessible in the ceiling. The cable from the cable company distribution panel as well as the cable feeding the outlets come into a extra deep two gang outlet box. There is a 15 dB line amplifier between the incoming signal cable and the cable feeding the outlets. All splitters are rated at 1GHz.

Would anyone reading this thread know how effective a 1GHz rated splitter is at passing the MoCA signal? Would I have a better chance at success if I replace all 1GHz splitters I can get access to with 2.4 GHz splitters? If I have a whole house DVR installed by the cable company, that uses MoCA, how would the cable company do the install?

O Fallon, MO

You'd be surprised of the shit wire and shit splitters that MoCA will work over (and well).
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