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best cable modem and router for wave broadband?

I've got wave broadband and am paying $8.00/month to rent the router and modem. I want to purchase a router/modem to stop paying the rental fee. Currently I'm renting a motorolo surfboard sb6141 and cisco linksys ea2700 and they seem to work fine.

I have been trying to research what is "the best" modem and router for Wave and can't seem to find anything, maybe because Wave Broadband is a smaller company. Does it make sense to buy a modem/router all in one? What are the pros and cons of the different modems and routers? Obviously I know very little about this.

Thanks for any ideas.



There is information you need in order to make a good decision, you may find better info from wave users at the wave broadband forum, »Wave Broadband - but is it a Docsis 3 area or Docsis 2, what speed are you subscribed to and do you have a list of supported modems? Not every cmts supports all cable modems you need this list to make a proper choice.


Belfair, WA
reply to hpcbmw

Im on Wave and use a Motorola SB6141 that I purchased.

I am not a fan of modem router combos. Ive had to troubleshoot too many of my customers systems which we found "gateway" modems locking up.