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[AB] telus repair phone line

I need to post a few enquiries about repairs on our telephone line on a good forum. I hope posting it here helps. Our apartments office phone is phone number is 780 426-3171. We are a not for profit housing co-operative at 11027, 109 Street, Edmonton and the phone number is a telus account. When accessing the »www.telus.com/ link to check for internet availability, we are told that internet is not available. I cannot get any further than that. I suspect that Telus have found the line to be old and defective. Perhaps they have decided that our not for profit status means that we cannot pay for the repair. We have the money for such repairs and until Telus repair the line we cannot get internet. If it means purchasing Telus Services to get the line repaired that is fine but we need to get moving on this.


cyber gutter

A 'business' phone number will show up differently(it may say 'no service available') in the 'check for residential internet' database that is at the standard Telus residential internet pages.

For the standard phone line, Telus will service it for free up to the demarc(street to building connection) which is on the side of the building(or in the basement)

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reply to frankhatton

Those are interesting theories, but incorrect.

Your line qualifies for business DSL up to 25mbps but won't qualify for residential DSL for obvious reasons. Please feel free to call in and order.