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Uniserve Communications

Hi everyone, this is my first post on DSLReports, but I've been reading the forums for years. I've been a BC, Canada Uniserve high-speed customer ever since they took over Internet Gateway Corp many years ago. The transition from IG to Uniserve was seamless.

Originally the service from IG was called 'FatWire' (circa 2000), some of you may remember it. I paid for the 2.5/640 package, I think it was 65 dollars a month if memory serves me correctly. Yikes, speed was expensive back then.

When Uniserve took over, service remained solid with only very rare connection drops. In 2011 I upgraded to their 6Mbps service, at which time they sent a new modem (Zoom) and again was a seamless transition and great service. Uniserve runs their network on the Telus backbone, and I've always kept my land line with Telus to ensure service.

Last week (Dec 2013) I noticed on Uniserve's website that they are now offering the higher speeds that Telus has been since earlier this year; available in 15, 25 and 50 Mbps connections. Immediately I called Uniserve and confirmed availablity on my line (Surrey, BC) and ordered the 25 Mbps Extreme variant for only 10 dollars a month more than they were charging me for the 6 Mbps. The install was completed with an upgrade at the CO that Telus had to do, and I did my own upgrade at my residence from an old ADSL Pots Splitter to a new VDSL2 version. They sent me a new VDSL2 modem (an Ovislink) for free.

I've been running at 25 now for three days. Connectivity is solid and the speed is terrific. I get 24-25 Mbps down and 2.95 up on most test servers. The only quirk so far (if I can call it that) is that my previous static IP address is no longer working, as I'm now on a different block of IP's. It took a call to Uniserve on connection day last week to re-order the static IP option, which will be set up in a day or two.

After more than 10 excellent years with Uniserve, I must say that the latest VDSL2 upgrade is well worth the little extra expense. I'd highly recommend it.



Uniserve was my first dialup ISP in 1996. Great people.
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