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SBG6580 and bridging to airport extreme router

I can't for the life of me figure out how to get the sbg6580 into bridge mode to allow me to use it as the modem and the airport as my wifi network. I've followed the directions here: »arrisi.force.com/consumers/artic ··· de-Setup. And I just got the yellow blinking light on my router. So I attempted to follow this: »www.ehow.com/how_12124828_bridge ··· 580.html only it's difficult to follow the guide with the new firmware updating changing the settings. The second guide got me the green light on the airport. The sbg6580 said it was connected to the internet, but the airport wasn't getting the internet signal. Any ideas?



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I have to agree that there seems to be some magic involved with getting the SBG6580 to cooperate when you configure it to function as a simple modem. It really should not be as convoluted as it is, but it can be done. I documented what worked with my SBG6580 here:

»Another SGB6580 thread - helpuse as modem w/ own router

Skim down to my post in that thread (it's the last one) and try the steps that are outlined there. There are a few subtle differences from the steps that are shown in the first post at the top of the thread.

As I stated in this write-up my recollection is that it was necessary to power-cycle the modem and probably my Netgear router several times to get the external IP address to be assigned by DHCP to my Netgear router. At any rate, after a mind-numbing hour or so it all worked out fine and has run perfectly since then.

Good luck!

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