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Quinault, WA

Highlights from the Winter 2013 HughesNet Member Newsletter

Since some customers didn't receive the Fall 2013 HughesNet Member Newsletter of happy models, I felt that I should share some highlights, information, observations, and even a non-technical question about the winter edition.

For those of you dissatisfied with HughesNet's customer support, for an additional $9.99 per month, the "My PC" program will provide you with "immediate support for your primary PC." "Sit back while we speed up your PC's performance, remove viruses, spyware, malware threats, configure safety and security settings, keep your computer up to date, and get your questions answered by a qualified professional."

Or for $17.99 per month (+ a one-time $39.99 setup fee), you can get "My PC" and also "comprehensive support for your home network" "plus network set-up and troubleshooting". (And that tech support guy wearing a headset and tie sure is happy. I'll get back to him later.)

So for those of you wanting better customer support, HughesNet has responded, but you're going to have to pay for it. (I'm not criticizing HughesNet here. Business wise, they're conceding the high speeds and LNFZ to Exede, while they're "expanding" into customer service. I can see how that would work.)

They have introduced "HughesNet Perks" where you can get discounts across more than 20 categories, great offers from hundreds of merchants, deals and coupons at your local stores, free trials, and free shopping offers, and more!" (It sounds like they're expanding into Groupons.) If I follow their link, I end up here: »hughesnetperks.onebigplanet.com/···gin.html which wants my email and password, but no, I don't think so.

"One of the newest additions to our family of HughesNet services, Rdio™ lets you stream and download millions of songs, on-demand, with no ads. ... All for only $9.99/month." Rdio™ is no more of a HughesNet service than is YouTube, but I guess that the two have developed a symbiotic relationship. (It seems that I got a 6 or 12 month free trial to Rdio™ some time ago.)

There are some helpful tips on how to conserve your data allowance, similar but less comprehensive than what is suggested on BBR. And they do make router suggestions, which should be really helpful when someone asks "Which routers work best with Gen4?"

There is a URL for their Member Newsletter is still: »www.newsletter.hughesnet.com/ It's similar to the paper newsletter, with some minor differences. There are five male models featured in the paper winter newsletter. The smiling happy CSR wearing a tie is clean-shaven of course. The guy in the orange short who looks like he is about to shoot his laptop seems to have shaved recently. The other three male models don't seem to have shaved for a day or two. Is the "I don't feel like shaving today" look some new fashion trend which I have missed out on? (It would save money on razors.)