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San Antonio, TX

WNDR4500V2 wifi connects but no lwired connections

I have the wmdr4500v2 with the latest firmware installed. Everything has been fine with it. Then today out of the blue we noticed that the computers that are connected via an Ethernet cable are longer connected to the network. The light is on for each port that has cable plugged in but the router shows no lan devices attached. WiFi devices connect without issue and show up in the attached devices list. Is this fixable or has the router died on me?


Brunswick, ME
It could be hardware, in which case you'd look into sending it back for repair (which would likely be cost prohibitive if it's out of warranty and certainly inconvenient if you don't have a backup router). But it could be a configuration issue, which you would troubleshoot by resetting the router to factory defaults and then determining whether or not wired connectivity is restored.

If the reset doesn't have any effect, it's hardware and very unlikely to be a DIY fix . . .


Jacksonville, FL
reply to ElAguila
I would unplug the power to it and let it sit for a little while and let all power drain from it then repower it and see if it clears up. Sometimes a hard reset is required however if this doesn't work then you could use the reset button to restore factory settings. Usually when something has been working and then suddenly stops something has failed.


reply to ElAguila
I have a 3700 which does the same thing. I've been in touch with Netgear and been through numerous analysts , changed configs, updated firmware, experimented with removing individual wired connections without any luck. Then they finally sent a replacement but the replacement was exactly the same.

I've noticed that I can access the wired connections internally but they don't have access to the internet.