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united state

HomeFusion outage?

I noticed that some people were having HomeFusion issues back in September. There apparently was a nationwide service outage on Nov 14… and my service has been out since! (36 days as of my writing this message).

My cantenna connects, then immediately disconnects. It does this constantly… I've seen it connect/reconnect as much as 4 times a minute.

The techs tell me a botched firmware upgrade went out and this is supposedly effecting all LG-manufactured Cantennas!? No ETA on when it'll be fixed.

Has this been happening for anyone else?



The Cantenna isn't manufactured by LG, tech is full of it. manufactured by Technicolor. As for the update i have not got one since Sep, 2012 so not sure where that update tech talking came from lol.

Not sure what say really.

Andover, NJ
reply to tamasrepus

I hope you are not being billed during the outage.

36 days is a long time. Will they replace the cantenna with a new one that works?
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EVDO down

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Strage. My 3G went down at nearly the same time and acts just about the same as your Home Fusion service. Oddly, 1X shows a strong signal and sort of works indoors. Voice and SMS both work fine. LTE shows decent signal outdoors and works fine. The problem is VZW is my main connection to the outside world and hanging the phone from a tree is a PIA in the winter.


Gouverneur, NY
reply to Verizonlteda

Tech is partially right. Inside the Cantenna is a Linux-powered router board and it does have an LG LTE modem onboard in a mini-PCIe slot (as well as a SIM card slot).

The FCC of the Cantenna unit is NKR-VWL10 to back my claims up.