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Jerry K


Problems with multiple TDS services.

A few months ago, my family got a TDS cable, DSL, and phone bundle that came with a new TV.

So far, we've had many frustrating problems with all 3.

The cable on the TV downstairs doesn't work, at all. It stays frozen forever until you restart the box, then a minute later freezes again. Along with this, recorded shows only show up on 1 cable box, regardless of which box was the one recording.

The DSL has problems where it randomly disconnects over LAN connections, it will also plummet in download speeds despite supposedly being at 10 MBS, and quite possible the most annoying of all of those, the wifi we are supposed to have, doesn't seem to ever work. The router/modem/what have you will constantly say the wifi is on and working, and changing various settings on the actiontec site to try to fix it, along with IT help, has done nothing to make it work longer than very rarely for a few minutes every time we restart the thing.

And lastly, the home phone has been doing this thing where completely randomly, the ringer will play once, and then nothing else. It does this at random times during the day, and can get even more annoying at night.

If anyone knows of any possible solutions to any of these, they would be much appreciated, as IT has been completely useless at helping any of these problems, usually only making them worse.


La Vergne, TN
Those are some very strange problems, especially the phone. Keep in mind the internet, wifi, and tv all go through the actiontec router. I would start with asking TDS to replace that device first, and then go from there. As far as the phone goes, not sure what would cause that.

Good luck with it all though.
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