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Strange Home Phone Connect issue

I'm located in rural Southwest MO and have been using Home Phone Connect for around 18 months. The tower is, at most, a half mile away. I can faintly see the beacon from the window where the terminal is located. We only have one simple corded desk phone directly connected to the device - no other wiring or telephones. The recent ice storms have been successful at proving the internal battery is in good shape. The model# of the HPC terminal is F256VW and the S/W version is 1222. No updated firmware is listed on either VZW or the Huawei support site.

Here's the problem.....

Occasionally, when on a call, the call just goes to dead air. Many times, but not always, the remote party's line will be busy for a minute or so when calling back from either the HPC or normal cell phone. Once we mange to get reconnected, the remote party will oftentimes mention having dead air when picking up the receiver and having to wait to get a dial tone. When this first started, it seemed to be limited to when my wife calls her sister in Oklahoma and stays on the phone for up to an hour at a time. Her sister was on her AT&T landline. As it turns out, it does happen with others on landlines and cell phones. In the case of cell phones it's much easier to call right back. The troubleshooting so far includes calls to VZW tech support immediately after a problem, using different corded phones, and checking to see what happens if the signal fades mid-call or the remote caller hangs up while we remain on the line. In the case of VZW tech support checking their system, they have always stated "line release signal received from remote switch - call terminated normally" and tell me there's nothing wrong and the problem lies with the remote telco. In tests where I make a call and hang up first, tech support reports "line release signal received from local terminal - call terminated normally." Dropped signal testing required removing the antenna, going to the basement and finally placing the terminal in an aluminum tool box. Even then, it took a bit of time for the signal to finally drop. When it did, I got a fast busy on the handset and the remote party got a dial tone within a few seconds. The same fast busy when I remain on the line when the remote caller hangs up.

Since online searching has turned up little to nothing and VZW tech support can't seem to get anywhere either, the only thing I can deduce is there is a problem with the HPC terminal and a new one is in order. The only real clue that has me leaning toward a defective terminal are the semi-regular instances where the remote party's line takes takes up to a minute to regain a dial tone even after both of us hang up. That sounds to me that my device is going screwy and also not sending a disconnect signal to VZW when I hang up the receiver. Any ideas before laying out 100 bucks for a new one?

Sorry about the long-winded post and thanks in advance for help or suggestions.


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This is the same box that StraightTalk wireless uses. I've had two of them. Both have had such poor quality, took them back to to walmart. There is a newer model, but not sure of the date when they were introduced in the channel.
Huawei F256 is the newest model.