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4111N + static IP linux configuration

After 12 years with Speakesy.net, acquired by Megapath.com, the service and support went significantly “south”… While thinking of changing an ISP, my both BEFSR81 WRT150N (the latter plugged as an access point), could not survive recent serial power surge…

My environment included few Windows and Linux computers. I have used at least one static IP for Linux, hosting the site and running an app under it.

I signed with sonic.net renting 4111N modem-router. A static IP is a part of the service to meet my requirements. Due to my lack in networking knowledge, I am experiencing challenges in replicating my previous setup. The modem firewall is disabled and I have –re-configured Linux NIC and net files numerous times with no luck. I have read various articles in google/sonic forums, but could not find a definitive answer. I also noticed in the “modem notes” today a phrase stating that the modem gateway is not a user would expect, but no explanation was given. The other article mentioned that the WAN’s third gateway octet should not contain “0” or “1” decimals.

Thus, being engaged into “trail & error” activities has not advocated a positive result (yet). I will appreciate any help in resolving this issue. I feel, there should be a straightforward solution rather that my journey through the jungles.


Santa Rosa, CA
You also posted to the Sonic forums, and it sounded like static IP with DMZ Plus pointed toward your Linux server was the answer. That thread is here:

Are you not finding this configuration to work?