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Kanata, ON

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CIK VoIP HT-502 throughput?

I got voip service from CIK cable internet.

1) when it's setup like: -- cable --cable modem -- Asus RT-N16 (tomato) --> HT502:
when this granstream HT502 is puting behind RT-N16, sometimes, it can not receive incoming calls from some numbers (saying A), but it can receive the calls from other numbers (saying B). and when make outgoing call, it can call those numbers which is A, but can not call those numbers in B. If i reboot the N16, it will work for a while and then back to the same problem.
Login to HT502, it always shows registered.

Called CIK, they suggested me to move HT502 between cable modem and N16. then there is no problem.

It seems that my N16's tomato has issue even HT502 was set to DMZ.
2) I have another voip pap2 from freephoneline.ca. it is connected to N16. it has no problem with incoming or outgoing calls.

3) the problem with HT502 when it's between cable modem and N16 is the throughput. when it's behind N16, speedtest shows download 60Mbps/2Mbps. when it's in between, I can only get 20MbpsUp/2MpbsDown: (changed N16 WAN speed to 100mbpsFull, from menu-> misc)

wonder how to get full speed when HT502 is between cable modem and N16?

4) I also tried DD-WRT on N16, and HT502 is connected to N16. It has the similar issue in 1) when HT502 is not in DMZ and it seems to be working fine when it's in DMZ.
5) Pap2 was never in DMZ and it never had issue with incoming/outgoing calls. Pap2 is connected to freephoneline.ca


Kanata, ON