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Re: [Plumbing] Is this a problem with a new Kohler Cimarron Toilet?

You know I had this exact problem with a Kohler toilet, the damn thing drove me bonkers. Mine was a little longer than your's, you had to hold it down for about 4 seconds to get a full flush and get entirely new water in the bowl. I replaced every seal on the toilet, all new guts, adjusted it till I was blue in the face and could never get it to flush right, at that point I gave up and called a plumber friend too - he told me the toilet was either faulty design/cast from the factory, or there was a crack letting air in somewhere around the bowl.

Well, I never could find any cracks so I'm guessing it's either a stupid water saver "feature" or just Kohlers design, I know one thing, that Kohler POS went right to the landfill and I replaced it with a American Standard power flush, I will never own a toilet where I have to set there for 5 seconds holding the handle watching my STUFF go down the toilet.

RIP lil
Rio Rancho, NM
I hope that doesn't happen to me, for I'm going to get the same toilet again.

Edit: Also, I wanted a black toilet, and it has to be a certain size for the bathroom is very small. It has to be chair height for me too. All other toilets were pretty expensive, too low or too big. I got this one at half price.
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