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[Pricing] I smell another rate increase

Now that we are well into the age of technology and text messaging has taken a renewed path to success, its time to increase these "junk" fees a little bit more. Have you heard of E-911 via TXT? Yes I kid you not, since 2012, Verizon Wireless has had the capability to provide 911 via text messaging. And the bad part about it from what I found out in my local state, the cost for the 911 center is in the MILLIONS to implement. WHERE DO YOU THINK THE MONEY WILL COME FROM? You got it!! Add another 97 cents per month to your wireless bill on average per subscriber handset, INCLUDING DATA HANDSETS!!!! Although Data Handsets can not place 911 calls, guess what, they can interface to text message and when E911 by text is due to launch this year officially, I bet you that now all Data devices will not only pay the TEXT E911 charge, they will also pay the voice portion as well because access to E911 in general will be there.. What a way to side pocket some cash!!!

To tell you the truth, 911 now vs what it was 12 years ago is a BIG JOKE! Have you ever dialed 911 in New Hampshire? Its like calling a call center. The conversation is scripted, and it sounds like when you call that the person on the other end is reading from a script. And listen to the call over the scanner when its dispatched to the responders. They code their 911 calls based on the questions and answered that are provided on the call. I don't know what any of these codes mean, but lets say a call comes in for a medical emergency, they will say something like "1-ECHO-4". The only part of this that 99% of the responders understand is that the ECHO portion is the most serious part being critical life threat. Why waste all the time coding the call, just dispatch the damn EMS and stop wasting time! And did you know that by adding a STATE WIDE E911 system and central answering point now delays the response time by 2 minutes. Cardiac Arrest? Just hope the person is providing effective CPR for 2 extra minutes. Its hard enough in just 2 minutes to continue compression.. Again been there done that.

Now looking at the 911 system and what is used to be, did you know that 911 in NH, FL, and CT used to be answered by the local dispatcher who could press a button the moment trouble strikes and signal the tones to start the responders in the ready. Now all this "coding" of calls has delayed emergency response. We have come along way with training and the use of Medics now in the field, but it is my personal opinion that if we go to a system that eliminate the interaction of the dispatching agency in direct contact with the emergency responders, we further delay vital information and you might as well just throw away advance medicine because TIME is what you need to gain back in ALL EMS EMERGENCIES, NOT CODING AN EMERGENCY CALL! That said, we don't need TEXT 911. I see its usefulness for the deaf, but I promise you I am not paying for it because I will never use it.

Its bad enough that the Internet has changed our entire social landscape, lets not become that much more anti social and TEXT our emergency.

While typing the last part, I do see where E911 text will come in handy but still its so much better to have a voice on the other end of the phone.

1: Choking
2: Deaf
3: Home invasion, need to hide and be quiet.
4: Medical condition such as a stroke where person can't talk, but could still have hand control.

Beyond that, it seems to be a waste of resources and will add even more delay to gain emergency assistance.

NW Minnesota

There is almost no doubt this will be a new revenue stream. Not to worry though, they'll put a save-the-children PR spin on this and the peeps will, quite literally, open their wallets and throw the cash at VZW et al. The text-to-911 fee will look nice and spiffy sitting there just above the junk "administrative fee". Meanwhile, the investors will be laughing all the way to the bank.