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Homefusion 20' Cable Limit Between Antenna and Ground

Why is the homefusion antenna limited to 20' cable length between the antenna and the ground block?

When our homefusion antenna was installed, the installer mentioned that he had to locate the antenna within 20' of the ground block. I'm now considering putting the antenna higher up on our house in order to get better signal strength, and I'm wondering why the cable length is limited to 20'. The installer said there was no limit on the cable length between the ground block and the router inside the house.


Kansas City

My guess is the wire from the can-antenna is only supplied in the 20' length. I would just extend the ground wire higher to reach the new location of the ground block connection.


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The tech actually made up the cable from a spool of bulk wire. That's part of the reason I was surprised at there being a limitation on one side, but not the other.

BTW, I used to live in Olathe, just outside of KCK. That's a great part of the country!

WI Fire

Hudson, WI
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My cable is probably close to 40'. If there were a cable length restriction, I would think it would be for the coax signal, not the ground.

North Tonawanda, NY
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That could have something to do with local code. This area has similar restrictions when it comes to Satellite dishes. Basically, any antenna must be a certain amount of wire feet from the ground.


Rosston, TX

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Some facts are in order here....

Homefusion is considered by the National Electric Code (NEC) Article 810 as an antenna. There is no length restriction for the ground wire.

Satellite TV antennas are covered in Article 820 and there is a 20 foot ground wire limit.

Homefusion uses what the NEC calls a control wire, e.g. a data cable. The practical length is 100 meters for CAT5 cable.

Local building/fire/electrical codes usually have the NEC's recommendation codified in city codes, and thus become a legal requirement.


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said by WHT:

Satellite TV antennas are covered in Article 820 and there is a 20 foot ground wire limit.

I'd be willing to bet that's where the "limit" is coming from, though.

It doesn't sound like a ground longer than 20' is an issue technically, which I assume means I can put the antenna up as long a pole as I can manage if I like.

EDIT: Thanks for the info on this!



What kind of cable is used to go from the antenna inside the home to where the router sits? Is it a simple coax cable..RG6?

I'm building a new house just outside of Salina, Kansas and Verizon 4G is available. I want to get the cabling installed while my walls are still open. Also, which side of the house is preferred?


Plano, TX

Yeap, RG6 is all that is needed..



Thanks for the reply! Any idea on how the tech finds the optimal location? Should I open the Speedtest.net app on my 4G smartphone and see which side of the house consistently tests the fastests/best signal?



said by Jman22 :

Any idea on how the tech finds the optimal location?

For my install, the tech powered up the cantenna, and looked at the lights on the bottom. He moved it around the general location we were looking to install it, and tried to find the location that cause the light to stay green/blue the most, although it does flash red from time to time. Sadly, he didn't have an actual signal strength meter, and I think the details of signal power and SNR escape him.