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Middletown, NY
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reply to NCSeeker

Re: Different DSL issue - HELP !!

Lets look at the total issue.
You have ADSL service in a cabin that is unattended at times.
You have the same exact failure with two different 7550 routers.
You've had the problem since July, 6 months + ago.

What do both routers have in common?
The power source,
The environment,
The twisted copper pair from the demarc.
The account userid and password.
The connection at the central office or remote switch.
The attached cameras and the wiring used by those cameras

What would I do to make sure what I can harden is as strong as possible?
Use a UPS, not a surge suppressor, between the router and the power outlet.
Modern electronics may not like wide temperature swings. Make sure the temps are not extreme, even if it means leaving a incandescent light bulb adjacent to the router to keep it within reasonable temp range. Any other RF intense sources in the immediate area that might get thru the unshielded plastic case of the router and mess with its brains?
Any noise on you phone line or worn/old insulation? Anyone else in the immediate area having phone trouble? Does the router fail over time if the cameras are not connected ?
Are all the ethernet cables used in the cabin in good condition, not run parallel to power cables or anything that might induce current into the ethernet cables.

Just some places to start. - Steve N2UBP

Searching for a new Frontier
Burlington, WV
·Frontier Communi..
Lots of good suggestions Steve. Most network and IT folks do not consider the effects of RF on modern electronics. Agree that the lines should not be ruled out just because the Frontier Tech has "checked them." The inside cabin cabling can be ruled out by checking at the NID and see if the problem still exist. If it does you may be able to rule out the inside cabling. Power - I agree with you and Smith6612 that it could be an issue and the minimum I would do is to place a small UPS on it. There are a couple other options available here also. There may also be noise on the power line that is causing the issue and some of the cheap UPS are only battery backup and do not filter the power. The firmware upgrade is a first step and will correct a known issue. But as CoJosh stated the effect he describes are not common to the firmware issue. So it is a process to eliminate them one-by-one.