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La La Land
·WOW Internet and..

Replacement DVR Remote?

How hard is it to get a remote control to a customer that does not live near a WoW office?
Pretty hard. We are out in the middle of cows and corn (all covered in snow right now).
If I lived anywhere close to pick one up, I would have done that already.

With all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, our remote for our DVR has gone missing.
We tore the house upside down looking for it and its nowhere to be found.

Listen up WoW... this is costing you money every time I call, and this problem still has not
been resolved yet.

I Called on 12/29 for a replacement remote. Sure we will mail you one right out no problem.
should be there in 7 days. Waited and waited... Still no remote.

Called on 1/4 was told it shipped out on 1/3 and should be here Mon or Tue.
Still no remote.

Called 1/9 have a TC for a remote to be dropped off because the system kicked my order
out and canceled it. No explanation why. 1/14 is the earliest apt they have.

Any chance a truck going thu my area can just drop one off in my front door?

It should not be this hard or take this much work to get a hold of a replacement

Body Count

Columbus, OH
And when I switched from their old cable box to UltraTV the guy wouldn't even take my old remotes. Said they don't do that and to just throw them away.

Had three good remotes collecting dust that I threw out because they went to nothing.


Clearwater, FL
Wow, thats really hard to believe.