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united state

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T3 timeouts are at ISP's end?

From reading material online, I always thought T3 timeouts were due to bad signal or whatever on your line at any given time.

Yet after checking modems of others in the JTown area, I have noticed that all the modems seem to have the T3 times synced as if the T3s affected the whole area each time.

All the modems I believe used the Prospect head end as it's all Downtown and West End.


Carmichaels, PA
·Atlantic Broadband
This is exactly what's been happening to me for over a year now. ABB will tell you constantly it's only on your end, then months later you'll hear them say "Oh it's a problem affecting your whole node!" then give you some more bullshit runaround and never fix it.

Even when they claim they "repaired" something it must be with duct tape because it never lasts for more than a week before it's right back to daily disconnects.

I've had 7 in the past 36 hours now alone and I just gave up and accepted it. There's no alternative and ABB knows customers don't have anywhere to move, so why put the effort and money into repairing anything? There's no need for stability when it's either "shitty internet or no internet at all."

Meanwhile ABB Jason posts here supposedly but doesn't seem to know anything at all, nor provide any actual help. Just read my topic for the idiotic runaround and how useless they've been.