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Los Angeles, CA

Connection speed worsening recently.

My dslextreme connection is for 1500/384Kbps. I did a speed test tonight.


The last time I had a slow down this severe was in 2011. Somewhere between May and July of 2011. The worst times were in the evening hours, around 8pm - 10pm. The connection was so bad that you could swear you were on a 96k Dial-Up modem. The dslextreme techs did their usual line checks and found nothing. I gave up after that. But then at the end of July the line suddenly was right again, smooth as could be. All I could see on the Network Status page of dslextreme was that AT&T had done some network upgrades in the Southern California area.

So now the line is slowly worsening again. Who notices the network congestion and figures out to upgrade the infrastructure? Is that on dslextreme or is it on AT&T? I'd hate to have to wait 3 or 4 months of bad service again.

Los Angeles

Chatsworth, CA

Unfortunately, not enough information; I can't even confirm that the network upgrade you saw mentioned on the Network Status page was directly tied to you (although if your line improved at the same time that the status was posted, it's not an unreasonable conclusion to draw). Send me an IM with your account info and I should be able to investigate this for you.