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E-firehose service

Hello all

I have to add to the e-firehose issues list. I have been using them for 4 years now. At first, I had a 3 mb line. Was good , could play alot of things but laggy too. Then they upgraded to the 8mb line. Was a little worse , could till download everything quite fast and had a little less lag. Experienced days on one without connections. THEN! the grand finale from them. They put up a tower. Connected straight to it. At first was good. 1200 kb/s download speed. NO lag. was a blast. 50mb line.

Here is where the service went from hero to zero. Policy was , fast internet. I expected at least 15 mb/s. and no charge since they make a ton of money in the new area. Yea well didn't last long. A big maintenance update and I was offline for a month. After several calls where they said I am online, they sent someone to come fix everything. (Problem was they changed settings to static) Finally back on track. No!.. worst mistake ever. They went and blocked every single port on teh system for my router. I can,t Skype, Itunes , nothing... Been like this for 6 months now. I called them several times , wrote several emails, all end up check the router, disable firewall.. well yea, i even plugged computer straight to it. They still haven't sent anyone, still telling me it my side. I think if I could walk up to his office and plugged it in, they might still disagree. lol.

Anyway. I will be honest. in the last 6 months, e-firehose has been in my opinion the worst service i have seen. One thing i know for sure, the customer is always right, you NEVER tell a customer "the problem is on your side". If i was his boss, id fire his ass as fast as the sunlight hit teh earth. I think they failed to provide customer service, and solutions. If any other service provider advertise in my region, I switch the same day I get that flier.

Hope this helps many people.

Peterborough, ON

Who is e-firehose and where are you located?



said by pstewart:

Who is e-firehose and where are you located?

Looks like he's around Calgary somewhere.



·TekSavvy DSL
reply to Unknown

Seems a little off, unless there's a proxy setup somewhere.
Which may be correct if support is saying there's an issue on your end.
Unfortunately, you come and post here without proof as to where the issue is, just a rant about services that are not working correctly.
We have nothing at all to go on, you said yourself that their support says it's on your side, did you consider it might be? If it's not, show some proof it's not. Maybe some good people here could help you troubleshoot your issue.


reply to Unknown

If every port is blocked, how did you send them an email? SMTP runs on port 25.


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said by Unknown :

One thing i know for sure, the customer is always right, you NEVER tell a customer "the problem is on your side"

If only it actually worked that way...