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Johnstown, PA

It took a Year Finally Atlantic Broadband has finally honored the Cable C :)

Link to the beginning of this issue.

»Cable Card Tuners ABB refuses to obey FCC law on Discounts!

Long story as short as I can make it persistence has prevailed ABB has finally honored the Cable Card law! it seems somehow corporate in MA was unaware of the issue until the former self proclaimed VP of all ABB locations in reality just a regional VP but he had the nerve to claim the corporate title as VP! Mr D Dane no longer works for ABB and HQ in MA gave us the back credit we were due I do not know if the FCC was contacting only the Johnstown Office and Mr Dane was just tossing it in the shredder? but he would not care since he was leaving ABB and going to acquire the title of Vice President at Adrenaline Technology. this guy is slimy as a snake putting a whole company at risk because of some power trip, I hope he doesn't pull the same stunts were he is now! but good riddance he is out of the picture and we got what we were entitled to. and to all those past comments that seem to have vanished about never getting the discounts well we got our discounts and more for the issues since we were able to directly correspond with high level management in Massachusetts our issue would have been resolved sooner if we were able to contact our Mayor who was also supposed to be the person to seek help from before the FCC but I now know he was ill and is no longer with us, anyway I am not going to say I won this was not a game if it was I was not playing!!! it turned out to be a David and Goliath unfortunately I was David and Goliath was more of a Shrek ABB is not a large company by any means. Good Luck D Dane your linked profile shows you hop from company to company for what ever reason? yes you pissed me off in your little meeting but I am over it, ABB is starting to ramp up services Speeds, Tivo etc. in Johnstown the TiVo is not available to us yet and I really have no need for one since I have my Ceton 4 tuner card soon will add their new 6 tuner card, I might run both with another cable card giving me 10 tuners since I have had recording conflicts with the 4 tuners about once a month. No Tivo, Genie, or Hopper can match the posibilitys of using Ceton hardware. And hard drives are getting cheaper! I use a WD My Book Studio since they have a longer warranty(3 Years) stay nice and cool in their aluminum housings the original 2 TB has been running 24/7 for over a year now without a issue! I just added the Western Digital My Book Studio II 6TB oh yea if there is a next time a ABB tech has to make a unnecessary house call please don't touch my External drives I know they look nice and shiny in their metal housings and you may never have seen half the electronics I own because no one in the Johnstown area sells high-end equipment! search the internet to look at the pictures and videos and order your own!! if you pick up one of my drives and drop it while its running besides the fact of possibly trashing the read heads and scratching the Platters I know someone will be paying for a new one but the loss of my recording will really piss me off!!!! If you don't own it and it's not ABB's property don't touch it the only thing I have that ABB owns is a Cisco Cable Card and if you need to see it hold it what ever, I will remove it from MY CETON TUNER and hand it to you! and now that I know ABB is offering Fiber to business customers I wonder how long until you share that huge pipe with the rest of us?? it's sad that county's like Iceland have fiber and we are nowhere near the top of the list of ISP's offering the latest and greatest sharing that fiber pipe with your little guys home owners would really put you on the map!!!! outside your service area no one has heard of ABB? I used to live near Miami in Deerfield beach and Ft Lauderdale when I was doing Repossession work in Broward County and never heard of ABB come on now ABB you have the infrastructure out there don't sit on it share it you might be surprised how many customers would be willing to pay for a Fiber Hook Up!!!! I guess I am done here few locals are going to read this since most around here have no idea this site exists, now I can start selling SMFF HTPC's with Ceton cards to customers I have shown what mine can do free whole home networking, unlimited DVR storage, ability to take recordings with you on another Portable drive or flash drive for viewing on a W7 laptop like I do when I take my RV out. I'm really done ranting here I need more coffee and get back to work.