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Clarksville, TN

no inbound during porting process ?

Hi all, considering porting my existing ATT house phone to my MJ+ but see in the MJ FAQs that I will not be able to receive inbound calls during the process. Is that true/right ? thanks

MI Furst

From my experience in September 2013, I received no inbound calls on the MJ+ until my number was successfully ported from PhonePower, but I still received inbound calls through PhonePower, my surrendering carrier.

I was immediately able to make outgoing calls on the MJ+ from the moment it was registered and I could continue to make outgoing calls through Phonepower until the port to MJ+ was successful.

Took less than two weeks for my number to port over from PhonePower to MJ. There were no hiccups for me, though others may have a different story to tell.

Make your choice carefully.


Athens, GA
reply to pensioner
When I transferred from AT&T to Goovle Voice, I had to first transfer from AT&T landline to AT&T prepaid mobile (about $20). I then transferred to Google Voice (about $20). I chose the magicJack-assigned local phone number and forwarded all my calls from my GV number to the magicJack.

It might seem like a lot of rigamarole, but it seemed safer and more useful than porting my preferred number to magicJack. If magicJack becomes problematic, I can still go to GV and check my phone messages. Plus I don't have the yearly $10 "vanity number" fee for porting my preferred number to magicJack.

When I transferred from AT&T mobile, someone from AT&T was on the mobile phone with me to test the transfer. I had use of the mobile phone up to the second of transfer. I got to use most of the minutes before the mobile was dead. She called me back at the same number and it automatically forwarded to my assigned magicJack from GV. It worked flawlessly.
MJCheck - »mjcheck.low.li
Tips and Info on MagicJack plus.

Clarksville, TN
reply to pensioner
thank you both MI and greenman for your input. My situation is that I'm on an extended vacation in Mexico and am naturally using the MJ as one of our means of communication. That is why the porting stoppage of inbound calls for anything over a day or two makes porting unfeasible at this time. Naturally couldn't port over until we tried it at this casa. It worked on last year's stay but that was a different house, different ISP, and different modem/router. I'll still most probably port over my ATT house phone to MJ but will wait until the later part of April when we're back in TN.