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[BC] Inquiry

I am with Telus right now on the Optik 50/10 plan. We are finding that online game play is just horrific due to the latency spikes so I am wondering if it would be better with Shaw? My other question: When we are downloading a file we never go over 1-2 Mbps download speed and uploading we can never go past 200kbps so it has made no difference being on the 50/10 plan. What could we expect with Shaw? Thank you for any input.

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Where are you from? I love my Optik 50/10
Telus 50/10 V2000H+E2000 WAP


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Latency has a lot of factors. Routing, local area traffic levels, wan traffic levels, etc.

Depending on where someone is the answer will be different (For both Telus and Shaw).

I don't think anyone can give you a quick answer to this.

The best thing you can do it try it out for a month and see. Then cancel the service that is not meeting your performance requirements.


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downgrading to telus 25 could help your ping. personally i would do that as it is odd that telus would be having problems

tho i am a shaw user and i do support shaw. assuming your in an area where you wouldnt suffer from congestion. call shaw. ask to talk to some techs. ask for the usage levels on the node. if the tech sais they cant look at that (like they have said to be before) tell them they can and to ask there supervisor or someone. if they still cant ask to talk to another tech. if your average usage is arund 50-60% or lower. youll be good. they should also be able to look at peak hours and tell u how crazy it gets. the only downside to shaw is sharing it with upto 100's of other people.


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What troubleshooting have you done?
If you're consistently seeing less than 2mbps down and 0.2mbps up on a 50/10 connection, that sounds like something is seriously wrong.

IMO, would be worth proving the issue is with Telus first, then trying to work it out with them before you go to the hassle of switching.

Calgary, AB
reply to Nat
The latency spikes? Which game? Riot servers by chance?

As for the speed, that is definitely poor
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