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Waves new scam modem insurance

Own your own modem, watch out for Waves latest $29.95 scam where if they cannot determine the problem and you don't have their insurance they hit you with a $29.95 charge on your next bill.
They came to my place (tracked in a ton of dirt and mud) set down, sure enough it wasn't working on my computer so he tests with his and it works....difference was his used windows 7, I had no idea if he was running offline mode and it just looked like it was online, he asks what OS I was using....he clearly had little to no experience with Win 8 runs a bogus test with his Win 7 machine and says it's your problem, $29 bucks so long....but as usual not five minutes after he leaves now my computer is running fine....I did nothing and either did he!

The sooner I part from Wave the better and they can kiss my rosey red backside for their bogus $29.95 service charge!