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[HN7000S] Secondary outroute

About a week ago, my modem rebooted and changed parameters. Now, when I reset my modem, it first attempts to connect with my primary settings 113W:990 33 Msps with a signal strength of 15. Then, it will switch to the secondary 113W:981 15 Msps with a normal signal strength.

Can anyone tell me if this is a problem on Hughesnet's end, or if something has been knocked out of alignment on my end? Thank you!

West Mich.

Hughes has been consolidating users onto fewer and fewer transponders as those leases come up for renewal.
I was on a 7000 until late November. In my case the transponder I was assigned to was so weak that I would have had very little headroom for winter weather losess.
It wasn't a matter of aim in my case (91' W.) Push-Pull tests proved that. Calls to India are useless.
Most of the script readers would most likely not even have 7000 system script handy.

Over crowding the remaining transponders will also lead to poor performance, a not so subtle hint to "upgrade".
In the end I did " upgrade" to a Gen4 15/15 Gb Power Pro plan. I did however do so knowing the details of the plan differances very well, complained LOUDLY on the Hughes forum.
Be advised that you can negociate the terms and conditions of any upgrade. Those calls are recorded, save all info in the event you are forced in that direction.



That's what I was afraid of. They switched me to my previous transponder a year or two ago and I'd had great service since then...I hope it doesn't go downhill too much. They just approved an AT&T tower about 1/4 mile from me, though, so I may have something to look forward to in the future without having to upgrade my hughesnet. All of my equipment is 7 years old, with the exception of the feedhorn I replaced, so I really hate to get tied into new equipment with them!

Thanks for the response!

reply to JKur

When Hughes changes a transponder they put both old and new assignments into the modem for a couple of weeks (so that every modem gets a chance to receive it, including ones that are frequently off-air) then they make the change, and eventually push just the new one to the modem.

990 is a full transponder, from 975 to 1005 (990 is the center frequency). 981 is a half-transponder, from 975 to 990. They have cut bandwidth in half, and initially that will cause higher loading. As the load continues to drop (and it will) the performance will increase until they kill that transponder and move you to join with another. Sometimes they drop to a 1/3 transponder at 10Msps, but usually it goes full, half, none.
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