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Looking to change ISPs but not sure which. I would like to try IPTV since I no longer have Rogers.

Anyone try these guys? If yes what is your experience?

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Toronto High Speed Internet
»www .torontohighspeedinternet.ca/index.html


vmedia reseller.


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You could always try Acanac and Zazeen.


Thank you.. I'll check it out..

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Vmedia and Acanac are both offering TV services. Vmedia seems to be a little more cost effective if you don't want to get into a contract/huge upfront charge to save money.



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said by koreyb:

Vmedia and Acanac are both offering TV services. Vmedia seems to be a little more cost effective if you don't want to get into a contract/huge upfront charge to save money.

I could be wrong, but Vmedia's upfront costs are on par with Acanac/Zazeen, I believe depending on the situation. I don't know where you get your facts, but you don't need to go on a contract with Acanac at all. They do have an option to pay a year in advance, but you don't have to. You do have significant savings if you do, but I'm on month to month, which I'll probably convert to a yearly sub now that I know the service is rock solid.

My monthly costs for 25/10 VDSL, VOIP and Zazeen with 1 add-on pack is $113 including tax.

I forget what my first month cost was, though I may have included it in my review. I believe it was right around $300 which included the setup, one month's service (VOIP, IPTV and Internet), modem, 2 stb's and an ata. Considering I was saving around $80/$90 month compared to my Videotron/Ebox setup that I had before it only took a couple of months to gain back what I put out.

A couple of things you get with Acanac that you can't get with Vmedia:

Reliability--when Vmedia went down for days, Zazeen was completely up and functional

Support--you have a direct line to 2 owners on the Zazeen forums both of which can take ownership of your issue and fix your issue themselves.

Honesty--Zazeen tells you straight out of the gate that they are still in Beta. They don't try to pull the wool over your eyes and sell an unpolished service as a finished product.

Savings--For every month that you are a subscriber in beta, you get a $10/month discount when the service goes full live.

Free Channels (if you are in Quebec, don't know about Ont--Super Ecran channels are free during beta.

Don't just take my word for it. Research and then decide. I suggest you check out:

Zazeen Forums:

»community.zazeen.com/viewforum.p ··· .php?f=1

Vmedia Forums:


Vmedia Forum on RFD:

»forums.redflagdeals.com/vmedia-d ··· 805/125/

Like I said, my view is a little skewed as I don't have Vmedia and can't comment on their quality from personal experience, just what I've read online. Do lots of reading on both companies, find some subscribers from both sides that had issues and ask them how their issues were handled (how long it took to resolve, support quality, etc, etc) and do some research then make your decision. Keep in mind, myself included, no matter who you ask from either side will of course be in favor of whatever company they are with.


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personally vmedia looks like crap, I've seen the zazeen service and it's actually the best I've ever seen. Though the vmedia box runs android so it might be cool to have angry birds on your tv

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can always checkout Canada Computers stores, a lot of them have Vmedia demos running, the stores that have them are listed on the CC website I believe.