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AT&T U-Verse TV only with Comcast Business Class Internet

Hi All,

I'm currently a Comcast Business Class customer as I frequently work from home (discounted service through my employer). I have my Wi-Fi setup using a 4th generation AirPort Extreme base station. Everything works smoothly with all devices in my household.

As of last Thursday, I had AT&T install U-Verse TV service. They provided me with a DVR, a secondary wireless receiver, 2WIRE wireless gateway with 4 ethernet ports, and a wireless access point to provide a connection to the wireless receiver in the bedroom. This also works fine, but now I have two networks in my home; the AirPort with a valid internet connection and the 2WIRE one with no internet connection.

With this setup, I can't use any of the services that allow me to connect to the DVR, or watch live TV on an iPad or iPhone because internet connection isn't through the 2WIRE gateway. If I want to control the DVR, I need to switch to the 2WIRE network which only allows me to do just that. I can't do any streaming due to there not being an internet connection coming through AT&T.

Is there anyway to get this to work the way that I'd like it to work, or will these forever work as two separate entities? I'm willing to accept this, was just hoping for ease of use for everyone else in the house. Thanks!


Lagrange, GA
That's the down side to U-Verse, if you have TV only (like myself) you can't watch anything on your iPad or use any of the interactive features on the TV.

That's what I thought. Just wanted to make sure I didn't miss anything while trying to figure it all out myself. Thank you for your reply!