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Toronto, ON
reply to zamarac

Re: Why Canadian Broadband prices are so high?

But there is also a peak speed mentioned in this report that is a lot higher than the 8.



Due to lack of posted measurement definitions &methods, these reports may serve as a good comparative source of internet state in various countries, as methodology remains the same. But they can't provide an accurate picture for any particular country since we don't know what these data means.

Ole Juul

Coalmont, BC
reply to zamarac

said by zamarac:

Average connection speed of 8 Mbps is close to reality on entire country scale, while in largest cities its obviously a lot higher, not sure how they calculate it though.

I bet your estimation of 8 Mbps is close. Yes, one wonders how they calculate it. I watch it pretty carefully on my own connection - there's a real time display up/down on my router for that. I just now got a peak 2.3Mbps with a bit higher on the up as is usual for rural. That indication is peak, of course, but the average reported by the Ookla (Speedtest) that I was running to get that was 1.69 down and 2.17 up. A minute later, I do it again to a different server in the same nearby city and I get about 2.4 Mbps up and down - roughly a 50% change.

I often check Ookla, and it never relates to my actual experience, either by measurement or objective feel. There are so many things that play into this. Akamai might also have some slightly skewed results because they only measure their own customers which could be differentiated in some way.