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reply to En Enfer

Re: CTV Go locked for cord cutters

said by En Enfer:

The #1 rule : Shows are available to all for 7 days. After that, you need a login user/pass from a "participating" service provider.

That is probably it. It use to be u could watch last 2 episodes and the locked or removed older ones but now they (and maybe even global) have switched to this 7 day rule. Would ripping the episode from their website in the first week for later viewing considered illegal or is that considered equal to recording OTA/cable for later viewing?


I kind of liked CTV, but only their main news and investigative reports like W5. I never really watched anything else, beyond maybe cartoons when I was a kid.

Really it is a shame that they are gone... indeed I noticed ctvnews.ca and ctv.ca stopped working for me a few months ago. After broadcast TV went digital I did not even bother buying the digital converter/receiver, ctv.ca was my only way. Well nostalgia will not help, I hope for the best for all the amazing journalists and broadcaster that were working there.

Oh ya I remember also liking a science show on weekends when I was a teen, forgot the title of it thought. I think I saw a rerun of it at my gym a few weeks ago.