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BroadbandQ Wireless

I have recently became a Broadbandq Wireless customer. So far so good. Initially speeds were inconsistent finally purchased an external high gain Wilson antenna and my speeds are more consistent. I gained a full meg. Does anyone have any input on the Wilson amplifiers ? Can I expect faster speeds ? I'm about 3.5 mile to a Sprint tower.


Is it delivered over a cellular network? If so then an amplifier may be illegal.
You may be limited to just using an external antenna and shortest antenna cable as possible (maybe longer usb extension cable with it feeding a usb dongle wifi router?)


I have a Wilson amp. It works well. Without it, I would not have any service in my location.

Wilson makes a first rate product. Their tech support is also first rate. Call them and discuss your situation with one of their engineers for a specific product recommendation.

Using an amp in the US is not illegal. The FCC understands that some of us have no option other than an amp.

Causing interference is illegal, which can happen if an amplifier is used too close to the cell site where it isn't needed. At 3.5 miles, you should have no problems. You should see a substantial performance increase if you are currently experiencing marginal service.

I have no affiliation with Wilson or any of their dealers.

I believe the other poster may be Canadian. The rules there are likely different.


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Okay that makes sense.
Im in NZ and here using an amplifier is illegal unless the cellular company authorises it because they pay big money to lease the radio spectrum and therefore can manage it how they wish.

Yet in GURL based bands, we can add bigger antennas to our wifi stuff than the FCC allows without a fancy approval process.


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Which actual Wilson antennae did you get? We are in the same situation and want to make sure we get a solid piece of equipment.

Thanks for any input in advance.