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Gen 4 modem issues??? cannot bring up system status

Good day folks,

I am a hn7000s user, MY signal went from 85 to 68 and doesnt show any issues, typical nonsense. My guess is they switched sats on me.....but thats not why I am here. But there is always something to complain about from rtt issues to everything else

I live inside Olympic Nat Forest...... there are 2 of us that live inside the forest on inholding properties. We are totally off grid.

My friend recently had Gen 4 put in.........he knows nothing about all of this so I am here to see what may be up with his system. Our largest issue is there are no phone lines and no Cell service so we are unable to waste our time talking to the people in India at Hughes....... what they told him to do when he called was laughable and he said it was the typical, its your problem. He has not been able to connect for 3 months he said.

So........ When we try to connect to the net.........all lights are on on the gen 4 modem. I am unable to access the system status period, nothing comes up.
Neither of his 2 devices were able to connect and his Windows Vista troubleshooting said we had a modem error.
I thought it may be something with his devices not connecting so I brought mine over since mine connects to my 7000. My laptop was able to connect to the modem or so it said but no data at all it said 0 was coming back in to us. It showed the typical connected with the yellow triangle for little or no reception.

I had some critter chew my cable twice, so I checked his lines and everything is fine and all the lights would not be on if there was a cable breach, that I can tell ya as I stood in pouring rain once to fix mine

The only thing I can think of is the new modem is out....is that possible or could they have changed something????.. is the new gen 4 the same issue if it breaks is it our problem???
This guy is disabled and on his SSA check he will never be able to buy a new modem and pay the guy to come out here and deal with it, he didnt even know there was a service plan but I cancelled mine because its pointless if you cannot talk on the phone for hours to them in front of the modem, they will not send anyone out anyways. So we are either on our own here or we pay $150 to the guy to come out here.
I feel terrible since I told him to get this thing in the first place. It worked after they put it just fine. I guess we are fooled again into believing Gen 4 was the answer. Ill keep my always less than 1MBPS system rather than change to this deal.

Anyways........any ideas???

Thanks folks....TIM

Quinault, WA

All that I can establish is that you either live in Clallam, Jefferson, Grays Harbor, or Mason County, and that a friend with no telephone access is having problems with a recently installed Gen4 system.

Third party troubleshooting is going to be difficult.

Can you provide further information? Even if so, you might have "better luck" on the HughesNet Community : »community.myhughesnet.com/hughesnet where HughesNet employees are paid to help resolve this type of situation. Maybe he'll get a free site inspection, especially if you mention that he has no credit rating to lose in lieu of a free site inspection by not paying the his bill and not returning the transmitter and modem. (If Hughes is going to sell systems to people off the grid, they should find some way to support them. I've already mentioned on the Wildblue side that I know of two dwellings nearby without running water or a landline, and that there's no mobile phone service in the area.)

West Mich.
reply to bebewanna

What are the status indicators showing in the SCC @ ?
What is the systems signal strength ?

Open the SCC, clk on the small grey box with the "I" in it to open the advanced modem pages, in the menu, clk General/state code monitor: whatcodes are listed ?