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Irvine, CA

Webmail Weirdness

I've recently run into problem's trying to access the enhanced version of Cox webmail. My browser (IE) just hangs up with a message "waiting for idm.west.cox.net" If I switch over to the classic version, it loads right away. What's really strange, is that after entering and exiting the classic version, if I again try to enter the enhanced version, it works consistently until I close my browser! When I restart the browser, it's back to the hung up condition trying to access the enhanced version. I guess I could switch to the classic version but it appears to have problems in message composition with a Java error message that it wont load because of security issues. This is due to new security features added to Java which can be circumvented by changing the Java security settings or adding the web mail as a trusted site. But even after doing that, I got error messages about apps failing to load. I get the impression that Cox isn't paying a whole lot of attention to webmail and would be happy if everyone moved to gmail or Yahoo. This is all rather ironic since Cox's direct predecessor, @Home, went under, in part, because of persistent email problems. I guess to be fair, those problems were with SMTP/POP email and web mail was nonexistent then. However, I digress. If anybody out there has the foggiest about what's going on and how to fix it, I would appreciate hearing it.

Chesapeake, VA

Enhanced webmail uses Flash so I would start looking to see if you're having any other Flash issues.