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The Master

Lumberton, NJ

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[Pricing] Re: Here comes the Router rental fee of $4.99

Most people are too stupid to understand about the router, they take what they are given & pay the bill. Only 1 Comcast user I know has his own modem, and that is because of me (it's my old modem from my Comcast days). Add the extra complexity of switching to ethernet and maybe 1 person in 1000 will do it.

Also, a friend called a few months ago about changing to ethernet, they tried to tell him it required a truck roll and would cost something like $100.

Verizon is working hard at charging more money for less service. First we get the cap (very generous 10TB now, but expect it to get MUCH smaller in the future). Then a backup battery becomes an extra cost option at install time. Because, obviously, who would actually want their phone to work during a power outage? Now it's rent their crummy router? I'm guessing by next year we'll be renting the ONT as well.



East Amherst, NY
Also buried in that note is a $49.99 activation fee, so they are starting to ding people up front also.

In all, Verizon package prices are competitive, it's when you lease equipment where the price goes up.... Read further down...

Verizon started pushing "buying" the AT a few months back for $99, so I knew it would only be a matter of time before they started charging.

The big question is if they are going to start charging EXISTING users after their contracts run out. I mean my AT is almost 4 years old, so no way I'm getting dinged for that. They can have it back.

I only use it for wifi expansion in the basement (I have CC and ethernet), but for those who have MoCA out of their ONT or use Verizons crappy STB equipment they are stuck...

So I guess I would recommend that ANYONE who gets an install demand ethernet, otherwise they will always be tied to an AT no matter what.

Also, Intel is releasing new boxes in the next few weeks for $130 which can act as a 15W media center, and you can kick Verizon STB to the curb and save $$$$... HDHR prime for $90....


Add 2GB of RAM and a 1TB drive and for under $250 you have a full DVR that can also run plex, xbmc, etc...

At this point you can pick up XB360 for under $100 (as STB) and you are off to the races.

Currently I run W7MC in a VM, so I don't even have dedicated hardware ut I was thinking about getting a setup just to tinker.