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Lost today
reply to Crookshanks

Re: Why didn't they dump 1,000,000 signatures at the Captiol?

Then member's of congress would stop getting their backdoor payday's


Chesterfield, MO

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Not if they figure out a new way to hand money to them by making it look like it's in our best interest.

I don't hate our new healthcare law. It has many good things but I'm still baffled by one aspect. What most folks seemed to hate about their medical care was how their insurance company handled their claims and how premiums kept rising. Yet the new and improved solution is guaranteeing those same companies millions of new customers -- most of which cannot afford their full premiums and the balance is paid by the federal government (i.e. tax payers). I still wonder if that's why the insurance companies didn't seem to complain too much when they were forced to spend 80% of the premium on medical care.

If neutrality unrest rises to the level that Congress needs to do something, I sure hope we don't do something similar that involves subsidizing carriers with even more government funds that we don't have. The country is broke and the last thing we need is more corporate welfare.


Binghamton, NY
reply to bcltoys
If you feel as though your Congressman is accepting bribes why don't you vote his ass out of office?

Rosendale, NY
I might be able to vote my Congress critter out, but if your's or someone else's is accepting bribes, I am powerless.
"Understanding is a three-edged sword."