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Omaha, NE

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[NE] slow down speed with the ultimate package

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modem signal
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signal-splitter removed
I went from the preferred package to the ultimate package. My speeds were great with the preferred package. Usually around 30 Mbps and 7 Mbps. However, with the ultimate package I'm only able to get a max of 95 Mbps down with 21 Mbps up. The download speed should be much closer to 150 Mbps than it is.

The first technician said my down signal was too high and up signal was too low. He put a splitter on after the wall jack and the coxial connects to the splitter to the modem. He said that helped improve the signals. I wasn't satisfied. I had another technician come out. The 2nd technician tried switching out my modem with the cox cisco modem. With that, speeds were actually worse. My modem is a new SB6141. This leads me to believe it's not a modem issue, but a line issue probably outside our house.

When we moved into our house 3 years ago, we were the first in our circle to have cox as our ISP, so the street crew had to lay cables in our yard and down our street.

The technicians said nothing more could be done. They said Im not guaranteed 150 Mbps and that 95 Mbps is what I should be satisfied with. However, I'm not satisfied and believe I should be able to get 150 Mbps down speeds.

When I disconnect the splitter, I get the signal levels

Can someone here give me some help with this?

I would really appreciate it.


Broussard, LA

What modem/router are you using?

Cable Centric Vendor Biased
Atlanta, GA
reply to mander1984

Sounds like you only have 100Mbps Ethernet. If your computer has gigabit Ethernet try that. First disconnect the router, then power cycle the modem and plug the computer directly into it.


Omaha, NE

I have a gigabit router, wndr4500, already tried Plugging the modem directly into the Computer, same speed.


Lafayette, LA

Did you confirm your Ethernet connection on your computer is actually connecting at 1 gig instead of a 100 meg?


Fayetteville, AR
reply to FourWheelKid

My money is on the router as the bottleneck, if you weren't connected directly to the modem when running the tests.

Until fairly recently, the norm for routers were 100Mb ports, and even the ones with gigabit ports often didn't have the horsepower to route traffic between WAN and LAN at 150Mb. Try connecting your computer directly to the modem and see what you get.


Omaha, NE
reply to mander1984

I have already tested in modem connected directly to the computers LAN port which is a gigabit port.

Hard Harry

Narragansett, RI
·Cox HSI

But is the connection rate being set to 1000Mbps (1Gbps)? If you right click on your local area connection, then click "Status" it should tell you.

Also make sure the ethernet is atleast a CAT5e.

Also, when you take the speedtest, does the measurement go above 100Mbps and then throttle down to 95Mbps? It would help to know if your hitting a hard cap, or just a bottleneck of some kind.

Last, maybe have one of the Cox Techs here check the configuration file of your modem. Maybe your area is still handing out the 100Mbps config to modems on Ultimate?


Omaha, NE
reply to mander1984

Yes, the NIC was connected at 1Gbps.

I had a cox tech push a re provision file to my modem. They said I should getting 150 Mbps. No, I have yet to see any speed tests pass 95 Mbps. After having 2 cox techs at my house and having them both tell me they couldn't do anything else with my modem to make the speeds faster, I really think a cox maintenace/linie crew needs to come look at the cabling/box in our yard or look at the box at our street corner. I know many other ultimate users in omaha at getting 150 + speeds with ultimate.

Any thoughts?


Oklahoma City, OK
reply to mander1984

OK, First off NO ISP ever guarantees a speed. Their stuff always says "Up to XXXXX" so they will do their best to try and provide but beyond that all they will guarantee is they will try to get you service.

With that said the tech who inserted the splitter was correct, the power levels should be as close to zero as possible on the downstream. Often times a splitter is put in to place to drop the level down but this also forces the modem to put out more power on the upstream.

It is very odd that you are topping at 95 every time, what are you using to verify this? If you are going to speedtest.net then try using a different server. Some people donate a connection to test on but then do not have the speed to actually do a test beyond a certain point. You may also want to try a different browser and for that matter a different computer. It is also possible that a piece of software on your computer could be involved in limiting the speed, sometimes the software firewalls that are packaged with the antivirus programs can limit the rate of processing or even kill a connection all together. You may even benefit from downloading a live linux ISO, burning it to disc and then booting it to do a speedtest. I dealt with an in house network that acted as an ISP at an apartment complex and had a subscriber who's computer would not work. I took my laptop to his apartment and it was perfect. . . his still would not work. Changed out the CPE and Ethernet and still wouldn't work. Finally dropped in a Ubuntu live cd in HIS laptop and internet was fine. Told him he needed to fix his computer and had no more calls about a problem.

Chesapeake, VA
reply to mander1984

It might be worth trying another PC with a gigabit Ethernet directly to the modem and see what results you get. Consistent 95Mbps results do sound like an Ethernet that isn't connecting at gigabit for some reason.

Oklahoma City, OK
reply to mander1984

Not sure about your model, but on the Cisco DPQ3212 I have, the Link LED will be orange/amber if it's talking to the PC or Router at 100mps and green if it's talking to the PC or Router at 1Gig.

Before my router died, I was getting an orange Link light (as expected since it was a 10/100 router), and now with PC connected directly to the modem it's Green.

Anyway, might check your LED indicators on your modem to see if any have a similar type of indication.